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Little Dragons

A ½ hour class for children 4-6 years of age.  Designed to meet the developmental needs of the younger student. Building a basic foundation to prepare them for Jr. Beginner. Emphasis is on listening skills, body awareness, self-confidence and self-control, all while having fun!

Jr. Beginner

(white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green belts) Many Little Dragons graduate to this level.  A 45-minute class. This class builds the foundation of skills required to become a black belt. Emphasis on understanding of techniques, building confidence, body awareness and self-empowerment.

Class Photos

Black Belt Preparation

These students have been training for approximately 2 years and are ultimately preparing for black belt. Sparring and self-defense are introduced at this level, as well as traditional weapons training.

Teens & Adults

Students of all levels attend this class, sometimes attending with a parent. The classes have a strong emphasis on fitness, traditional martial arts, self defense, sparring and traditional weapons for those students with appropriate belt levels.