Summer Schedule starts June 18

Martin Luther King Day

We will be closed on Martin Luther King Day.

Memorial Day

We are Closed for the Memorial Day Weekend

Testing scheduled for May 31st

Crossover/Intermediate Skills Class for Black Belt Prep Candidates

A by-invitation-only class for students who have achieved blue belt or higher and are preparing to move into black belt prep classes. Emphasis is on training with partners and introducing more extensive self-defense, sparring, and improving physical fitness with a more challenging curriculum. A level of maturity is required and understanding control over their developed techniques, creating an environment that all students are and feel safe, which is extremely important once students start making contact.

Little Dragons

A ½ hour class for children 4-6 years of age.  Designed to meet the developmental needs of the younger student. Building a basic foundation to prepare them for Jr. Beginner. Emphasis is on listening skills, body awareness, self-confidence and self-control, all while having fun!

Jr. Beginner

(white, yellow, orange, purple, blue, and green belts) Many Little Dragons graduate to this level.  A 45-minute class. This class builds the foundation of skills required to become a black belt. Emphasis on understanding of techniques, building confidence, body awareness and self-empowerment.

Class Photos

Black Belt Preparation

These students have been training for approximately 2 years and are ultimately preparing for black belt. Sparring and self-defense are introduced at this level, as well as traditional weapons training.

Teens & Adults

Students of all levels attend this class, sometimes attending with a parent. The classes have a strong emphasis on fitness, traditional martial arts, self defense, sparring and traditional weapons for those students with appropriate belt levels.