Our school is a compassionate, structured and fun environment to learn martial arts. Each person who enters our school is special and important and it is our job to teach them the skills they need to succeed. Students participate in classes that are safe, non-competitive, positive and fun. It’s about each individual reaching their greatest potential. We have a high standard that parents and students appreciate.

Shiha Colleen P. LeMay, Owner/ Head Instructor / Seventh Degree Black Belt

Shihan Colleen Lemay

Shihan Colleen LeMay

Shihan Lemay began her training initially in the art of Judo over 30 years ago.

Discovering traditional karate shortly after realizing it suited her needs better regarding self-defense and other curriculum, including opportunities to compete.

As a young girl, it ignited her love of the art. The confidence and empowerment she gained from the experience sparked her passion to want to teach and evolve how it was taught…. especially to children.

It’s important not to lose the meaning of earning a belt truthfully and honestly. A lot of teachers didn’t have the skills, patience, or compassion for teaching children. Children often did not have a positive experience.

She is proud to have a respectful relationship with everyone she teaches. This creates students wanting to be the best they can be for themselves.

Shihan’s goal is for them to gain all the benefits of the martial arts and be able to connect it with the affect it can have on the quality of their everyday life.

Shihan LeMay is always searching for ways to improve her teaching style and skills, as well as being an essential part of her community.


The School

  • All of our instructors undergo a CORI background check
  • Fully equipped dojo with training gear and mirrored walls
  • Free parking

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